Brother Scan N Cut - Registering Your Machine and Products

Brother Canvas Workspace Brother Scan N Cut Tips and Tricks

When you open your brand new Brother Scan n Cut Machine or accessory, one of the first things you must do is register on Brother Canvas Workspace. 

To do this is very easy.  You will need a computer and internet access.

Visit Brother Canvas Workspace at

If you have an account, log in.  

If not, then click the "New" button as above.  Creating an account is free and it is also necessary to get the most out of your Brother Scan N Cut.

While we are talking about the above page, did you notice the "Download" button?  If you have not already downloaded Canvas Workspace to your PC or Laptop; this is where to do it.  It is something I highly recommend.

Now that we have logged in to Canvas Workspace, you will be brought to the "home" screen.

Notice at the top right there is what looks to be a "person icon" with your Login ID.
Click on this.  It will take you to your account.

This is where all of the account magic happens.  Sure, you can handle all of your account needs here, but the things we are most interested in today is the "Registration" and "Activations".

Click on the Machine Registration button.  This is where you will register your Brother Scan n cut machine/s.  Yes, you can register more than one machine to your account.  

If you are unsure of your machine's Number, just follow the instructions;


- Turn on your Brother Scan N Cut

- Select the "tool" icon to go into settings

- Scroll all the way down until you see the Machine Number

Once your machine is registered, you can Activate any accessories you have.

You will need the activation codes that come with the items.  They should be on a card enclosed in the purchased packaging.

Once activated, they will show as available on your Brother Scan N Cut Machine.

I hope this helps.  Just remember to get the most out of your Scan N Cut experience, you must first register.  This will open a whole new world of possibilities.

Happy Crafting!


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